Cable Manufacturing


Hi-Essence Cable has built an impressive track record supplying numerous industries such as oil & gas, marine, power generation & distribution, and infrastructure including public & private sectors to both local and international markets. We produce power cables up to 33kV, Control & Instrumentation Cables for various applications. Awarded Product Certification by local and international bodies including SIRIM, TUV, ABS, TNB-SGP, JKR EMAL and BOMBA.

Product Range

Low Voltage Cables

Medium Voltage Cables

Instrument & Control Cables

Fire Resistance Cables

Aerial Bundled Cables

Earthing & Housing Wires

Bare Conductor

Tested Performance

Fire Resistance

Flame Retardant

Low Smoke

Oil Resistance

Temperature Range

Anti Rodent

Anti Termite

UV Resistance

Licenses & Vendor Registrations

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